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On Sunday the 3rd of May, many of the Saps should have been having a splendid time in Greenock, Scotland at the convention. The spirit and drive of the Saps at Sea is strong and we weren't prepared to let Covid-19 get in our way of having some fun. Thankfully the Saps have some tech whizzes on board - Emma our vice Sheik. Emma organised a Zoom meeting in which we were joined by several stowaways. We had the pleasure of having members from the Bonnie Scotland Tent, Laughing Gravy, Man O'War (to name just a few) and even Jeffery Holland and his wife Judy tuned in!

The meeting was focussed around two questions - If you had intro music, what song would it be and why? and Who is the funniest person you've ever met. These questions provided a wonderful variety of answers with music from tv themes, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Def Leppard, Metallica and of course the boys cuckoo song.

In terms of the funniest person, we had nominations for our very own Roger, numerous other Sons of the Desert such as Norman's legendary Delilah, Johnny Sorrow etc.
However when it came to the celebrities one star stood out and came up numerous times and that was of course the wonderful and hilarious Ken Dodd - in this uncertain time let us all remember his wise words - "Happiness is a frame of mind, When you go to measuring my success, Don't count my money count my happiness, Oh, happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I posses, thank the Lord I've been blessed, With more than my share of happiness."

Now you've all had a sing song no doubt - Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!



Saps at sea Details

The Saps At Sea was launched in October 2000 and our venue for nearly 2 years was The Fish and Firkin in Alexandra Road. We had an enforced move when the pub, under new ownership, was no longer able to allow us to have children at our meetings. Fortunately we were able to find a different venue at The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road. This has been our home for the last 8 ½ years during which time we have seen a number of changes. The Railway Hotel has served us well but had become less suitable. The challenge was, therefore, to find an alternative venue which met our primary requirements; it is in Central Southend area, it is available on 2nd Sunday of each month, it is inexpensive and it will be welcoming for our family events. It was quite a tall order, but I think we have found the ideal venue at the Naval & Military Club, 20 Royal Terrace. It also has additional bonuses that are welcome; all on ground level, own bar area in room and cheaper drink. 

The Naval & Military club is the last building in Royal Terrace and overlooks the sea & Southend Pier.
It is just 5 minutes walk from the Railway Hotel and, therefore, only about 7 minutes from Southend Central Station. There are 3 public car parks nearby and street parking which is FREE after 5pm on a Sunday, although it can be competitive, especially in the summer. There is a short pedestrian walk that joins Clifftown Parade and Royal Terrace and also paths that lead up through the stepped gardens of Western Esplanade along the seafront. Our map shows the one-way road system which is a bit confusing, but whether you are travelling by road, foot or public transport, we hope to see you mighty soon at the Navy and Military Club for a Saps At Sea meeting in the near future.

Coming Soon

Our next meetings  are…  

Usually on the 2
nd Sunday of the Month )  
5.30pm – 8.30pm
With classic and rare films, information about L&H, memorabilia, fun quizzes, special trips, raffles, Sons of the Desert news, The Perry Winkle and laughter galore.

Sunday 12th July CANCELLED

Sunday 9th August Welcome Back
We are keeping our fingers crossed that our monthly will be up and running. Ray has designed a programme that as well as reflecting back on what has happened, will help us do what comes naturally when watching Laurel and Hardy LAUGH!

Sunday 13th September Up The Workers
Is our Grand Sheik suggesting we should become militant at the Saps? No of course not, he has chosen films in which Stan and Ollie are hard at work. Not always successfully!

Sunday 12th October You Can’t Smoke Here
“There is no smoke without fire”. “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”. Smoke is
the theme tonight so fire extinguishers at the ready as we have an evening of
roaring laughter and, hopefully, without roaring flames

Please note that the L & H event event below is now rescheduled to SUNDAY 23rd AUGUST at 1.00pm

For further information contact 
Roger Robinson 115 Neil Armstrong Way,
Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 5UE 
Tel: 01702 526 187 or


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 Saps At Sea new banner has celebrity launch

The Saps At Sea Tent, the Southend branch of the Sons of the Desert (the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), were proud to launch their new banner on Sunday 10th April 2011. Instead of their normal monthly meeting featuring classic and rare film and clips of the comedy duo, the Saps had arranged a rather special meeting to honour the memory of Norman Wisdom. Norman was starting his career in the 1950’s and when Laurel & Hardy were touring in the UK , they saw him performing on several occasions and were very impressed with the young comedian. The special guests at the fun evening in Southend, were Jacqueline Wisdom ( Norman ’s daughter), Steve Evans (his chauffeur), Michael Leader (from EastEnders) and husband and wife stars on stage and TV Jeffrey Holland (Spike from Hi-De-Hi) and Judy Buxton (Dennis Waterman's wife in "On The Up). The star-studded guests attracted a full house of 90 and the fun evening raised £400 for Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man, where Norman spent his last few years.

  How appropriate it was that the wonderful new Saps At Sea banner was unveiled and displayed at this special gathering. The wonderful caricature drawing by Steve Lilly really captures the spirit of the slapstick humour of Laurel and Hardy. Norman Wisdom created equal unintentional havoc in his films and sketches. Real comedy is an art and it is fitting that an artist with the skill of Steve Lilly has linked up with the Saps At Sea to help them display their heroes on the new Tent banner.

                                                                                                Roger Robinson, Saps at Sea

           Judy Buxton & Jeffrey Holland with the new Saps banner

For a full PDF version of the above click Here or the article


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